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to assert or declare emphatically · 3. to bet; wager. Synonyms for laid down the law in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for laid down the law.

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I’m going to lie down on it instead. lie down definition: 1. to move into a position in which your body is flat, usually in order to sleep or rest: 2. a…. Learn more. What does lay-down mean?

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4. To knock to the ground or unconscious: laid out his opponent with a left hook.

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laying down rates of compensatory interest applicable during the second half of 1990 to customs debts incurred in relation to compensating products or goods in​  The Future Relationship between the Rules on Export of Dual-Use Goods and the Exemption Laid down in Article 296(1)(b) EC: Legal Viewpoints Darting a  Wreaths laid down by the tomb of Folke BernadotteGreve Folke Bernadotte, Army Officer, Red Cross leader and diplomat, Greve of Wisborg  2 . filos . vital transitive verb , and has for its prezerit laid ; as , he told principle ; invigorating principle ( ell . spi me to lay it down , and I laid it down .

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I played tennis yesterday), but there are three common irregular ones: lay/laid, pay/paid and say/said. That being said, there is another issue. We’re reall 2021-04-23 I should lay the baby down in the crib.

Lay requires a direct object. To Lay To lay is a transitive verb: it describes action done to something, so it will always have a direct object. That is, something or someone has to be receiving the action of the verb to lay.
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I laid the message right on your  To Lie Down.

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lay down 1. To arrange according to a plan: laid out the seating of the guests. 2. To clothe and prepare (a corpse) for burial.